Template: Invite Employees to Take Bunch Assessment

Email Template

SUBJECT: Making [company name] the best workplace ever


Hi team,

We are very excited to share the news – we are now starting a new initiative to better understand our existing culture and find ways to evolve it in order to support our growth. With this initiative we want to make [company name] the best workplace ever that combines high ambition with inspiring work environment.

To find out what our culture is like today we are sending each one of you a quick questionnaire provided by Bunch. This short questionnaire will give us—and you—key insights into your cultural preferences and how they relate to the company as a whole. There are no wrong answers, and the assessment doesn’t measure technical skills or try to say how ‘good’ you are. Rather, it examines factors that collectively influence team performance, so just try to be as accurate with your answers as you can.

Please complete the assessment by EOD [DATE HERE].

When you’re done, you’ll get to see a bit about your work style preferences and where you stand out. For our part, we’re very curious to learn more about our team’s culture and work style preferences. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Then click down below :point_down:


If you have any questions, our Bunch account manager is just an email away – [email protected].

Thanks a lot,