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Teams talk. Bunch understands.

Watch your team’s culture change over time and identify opportunities for positive development. Identify weak areas and get personalized Culture Hacks to grow your team in the right direction. Empower and engage team members by giving them ownership of their team’s culture.

Give Bunch some reading material

Add Bunch to your team’s Slack workspace.

Watch your culture change and evolve before your eyes

Bunch translates your team’s Slack data into real-time insights about your culture. Learn what made your team succeed in the past and be ready for the future.

Learn from the best

Take action with tailored Culture Hacks used by leading companies like Airbnb, Zappos, and Netflix.

Bunch cares about your team's privacy

Your conversational data is processed by our algorithm, not by humans.

Bunch is getting updated all the time

  • 💬 Right now, Bunch only works with English chats. In the future, Bunch will learn other languages to make it truly international.
  • 🚀 Works with free and paid Slack accounts

How it works

More about Bunch's cultural analysis

Since you made it all the way down here, we’ll let you in on a little secret. For teams, good communication is critical. Teams with good communication have a healthier culture, more employee satisfaction, and deliver better results. We think every team should be like that. That’s why we built Bunch.

Bunch uses your Slack data to create a comprehensive snapshot of your team’s culture. Here’s an example of how Bunch sees a typical conversation:

Adaptability Collaboration Customer-orientation Attention to detail Focus on Principles Results-orientation
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