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We use organizational science, psychology, and machine learning to measure 6 key cultural dimensions, assess team alignment, and steer your team to success

Strong culture with Bunch

Strong culture boost your growth and increase revenue

Weak culture

If culture is neglected, growth is stunted

What is Culture?

Strong culture is “a set of norms and values that are widely shared and strongly held throughout the organization” (Chatman, Caldwell, O’Reilly & Doerr 2015) which define and drive that team to tangible results. We at Bunch measure ‘actual’ culture, the one created by a team, not the kind pitched or produced in a board meeting.

In the bigger picture it benefits both the team and the executives to come to a mutual understanding of what culture is and how it impacts company success.

The Science Behind Bunch

Our scientific model is based on the research done by Charles O’Reilly, a Professor at Stanford GSB specializing in Organizational Behavior research. From comprehensively studying over 60 tech companies, O’Reilly and his research team found:

“Firms with higher levels of consensus across many [cultural] norms, as well as an intensive emphasis on adaptability performed better financially”

In other words: culture affects the bottom line. This research proves culture is a core business asset that can boost company growth.

Charles O'Reilly

Professor O’Reilly’s research spans studies of leadership, organizational demography and diversity, culture, executive compensation and organizational innovation and change

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The Bunch Assessment

The Bunch assessment uses a forced-choice method, which measures a person’s preferences for work styles and work-related norms. This method delivers profound insights because, unlike personality tests, the Bunch assessment measures the priority of cultural norms for individuals and teams, rather than personal characteristics of an individual.

For example, it shows how much importance one places on team member relationships vs. customer relationships, in comparison to other values within the workplace.

The assessment was designed to be lean and to work well for all kinds of companies. It was then validated to deliver a positive experience and high value to candidates and employees.

Cultural Alignment & Match

It is important to remember that individuals will have different strengths within the team, but they work better as a whole when their values are well-aligned, meaning the team alignment score (the average) is at least 88% across all six norms

Team alignment means the degree to which the team as a whole shares values. It is expressed from 0-100% alignment by averaging the scores of every team member across each of the the six norms

Culture match score is the degree to which an individual shares the culture of a team as spread out among the six norms

Alignment Score Translation: Look into Our Crystal Ball

Low alignment
Moderate alignment
High alignment

What does it mean for a team?

In this team there are clearly different priorities at play, meaning the potential of this team as it exists now is extremely limited. Picture team members pulling a rope in different directions, rather than pulling together

What does it mean for a candidate?

Hiring this candidate would put at risk the team’s alignment, and thus overall team dynamics. The differences between the team and the candidate might be too high to integrate this team member well

What does it mean for a team?

In this team there is potential for greatness. Some team members might be not entirely aligned on central cultural norms, but there is an underlying cultural anchor, and by honing in on that, this team can tap into that potential and increase its performance

What does it mean for a candidate?

Hiring this candidate could disrupt team dynamics, however if the team is aware of the differences, they can be used strategically. In these cases Bunch recommends briefing both the team and the candidate on how the cultural and individual norms differ

What does it mean for a team?

This is a rocket! This team is very aligned, understands its priorities, and has a shared mindset about what’s important

What does it mean for a candidate?

This is a match made in heaven! This candidate is a great fit for the existing team. They are aligned on core norms and thus can hit the ground running


We are on a mission to enable companies make a bigger impact through stronger culture and better teamwork

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